I have created all types of stories since I was a child. Using whatever tools available growing up, from toys to drawing and writing, I’ve always loved to use my imagination.

I was inspired to first write a short story by my sixth grade math teacher. When there would be spare time during class, he would often read us a story he had written. Thus, I was inspired to try writing as well. Since then I have written a small number of things.

I have never had the courage to share any of these things with anyone other than my close friends. Unfortunately, most of my writing has been lost over time. However, recently I have decided to share my new works with whoever may feel like reading them. In my search to find a site to upload my short stories, I found Wattpad.

I am not only working on short stories though. I have completed an ebook.

I like to work on different kinds of genres, mainly because I like several different genres; I don’t like to limit myself.

To anyone who decided to read my work, thank you.

Black & White Feathers


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